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Athought decorating and painting are said to be one of the most popular methods of improving the look of walls, architects often decide to use more contemporary solutions such as 3D textures. They are always unconventional, unusual and made with a great precision which makes them look outstanding and spatial.

As far as interior design is concerned, the idea which is still getting more and more popular is introducing 3D floor panels. A unique and diversified design gains approval of many people nowadays. This kind of 3D panels is commonly used in offices, room services and flats. There are different sorts of models to choose, thus they can fit modern, industrial or typically minimalistic interiors as well as classic ones.

3D panels are mostly made of high quality gypsum additionally supported by glass fibre which makes them sustainable, natural and ecological. You can buy white panels, yet their surface can be adjusted to any wall paint. Apart from gypsum panels, there are panels made of MDF board and the ones which are made from palm-coconut fiber. However, the gypsum panels are said to be more popular. Furthermore, all of them can be combined so as to create a unique pattern on the entire wall or on a part of it. The panels will make an outstanding look, especially white ones, enhancing the specific structure of the wall or its intense, contrastive color. The structure of the wall can also be brought out by introducing appropriate lighting which would create a futuristic effect.

Another solution is about using ceramic tiles of a textured surface. Their background is made of base plates which make a smooth glaze. There is a great variety of textured ceramic tiles and every pattern and texture are utterly extraordinary. How to use textured tiles? First of all, these tiles cannot be used in the proces of finishing larger surfaces i.e. entire walls, however, they will look ourstanding on particular spaces, especially above a bath or behind a washbasin. Thanks to textured tiles we can indicate a kitchen or a bathroom sphere or prepare a glamourous edges for mirrors or corners. Tiles with floral motives or quilted ones will look marvellous in various interiors. Less decorative textures will grace e.g. a guest bathroom and will bring out a unique look of the interior.

Many companies introduce 3D tiles made of architectural concrete. Thanks to this sort of form and its appropriate lenghts of the sides and angles, it is possible to compose various shapes – linear, undulating and organic ones. The tiles are produced in three colors: white, natural grey and charcoal. This system allows to obtain additional aesthetics by combining different colors and highlighting the form. It it worth noting that the variability of shades, trails, local discolorations and porosity are all natural features of the material and for them, we are able to get a proper effect. The surface of the tiles can be additionally impregnated which makes it more shiny and lustrous.

3D textures, thanks to their look and functionality, are deemed to make a great contrariety for formulaic decorative conventions, creating – literally saying – a new dimension of the interior design. If we want to enhance the individual character of the interior and create a unique arrangement, it is worth becoming receptive to those ways of decorating our house.