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Future investors are most keen on choosing flat areas for their building plots. This is because they are usually concerned that the building plot of changeable height and various structure would be difficult to develop. They also reckon that using building on this kind of plot could be extremely expensive. None of these assumptions are true if we take all the steps wisely. Appropriately  designed garden with its uneven terrain structure could make a really attractive project of the surrounding of the building.

However, it is still connected with a few decisions which should be taken. The most significant ones concern the accessible ways leadning to the building. Paving stones and patio slabs are the most popular materials used in the process of building them. They can be used both as paths leading down to the building or all-terrain stairs. In this case, we must take into consideration different aspects of the terrain as far as not-flat area is concerned.

Another very important aspect is to chose a proper solution in order to deal with the uneveness of the terrain. In this case, we have two basic options – either the terrain can be formed stiltedly by minimising the necessity of tackling the differences of the ground levels or we have to use the uneveness of the ground and make it look attractive. Therefore, we have to decide if we prefer to introduce the stairs to the project or some ramps. Both solutions can be designed in an attractive way creating a coherent and modern composition of the project.

Gardens which are located on the plots of the uneven, falling down structure can be more dynamic thanks to the stairs and terraces which are introduced to the project. We can observe picturesque areas from their top.  The entire design could be made up with fancy and attuned types of plants which can form multi-level gardens with various functions. Choosing plants of different height on the banks can create the effect of the ground drop or make an effect interesting, modern and original composition.

Main elements of the composition may be for instance retaining ledges from made of gabions which minimise the ground drop and divide the garden into several areas, trims (for example stone elements, fountains, rock gardens, ponds) or small architectural elements (such as arbours, shelters).