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Black as a colour may be considered useless and even oppressive and disturbing for the whole effect of the decor. However, an appropriate way of introducing black to the interior may perfectly separate cold shades from warm ones in the whole color palette and it can also help highlight unique places. What is more, black is an extremely elegant and deep colour. It can be bright and warm if it’s correlated with sharp, contrasting tones. Everything goes well with this shade. The devil hides himself in this sort of „everything”, literally speaking: in accessories. Every colour fits black and white shades, therefore even if we want to use frills in every shade of the rainbow, we will get the impression of the entire interior. Certainly, it is significant to plan everything reasonably and moderately.

The black shade itself, used as a minor addition in the process of decorating the interiors has got its special contrasting features and it breaks the impression of monotony and boredom. If we use this kind of shade in moderation, we are able to obtain an extremely spectacular, fresh and outstanding decoration. Contemporary compositions may be created by mixing black colour with yellow, classic white, lime, hot pink or any other colours which introduce a distinctive climate.

This colour is essentially perfect for vast, spacious and well-lit interiors with the accompaniment of bright or natural shades. It goes well with such materials as: glass, brick, geometric patterns and shiny surfaces. However, it is worth remembering that black shade can only be the complement of the decor, because using it as a main colour in the interior could make it dark, gloomy and bleak. Moreover, one should be aware of the fact that black colour tends to decrease the space optically, thus we use it only in roomy interiors, or in accessories for smaller rooms.  It is crucial to illuminate the dark wall approprietly, because underexposured wall may be considered obtrusive.

Black colour in interior design - photo