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Gabions are nets made with galvanized steel embedded on heavy poles which can be shaped in any possible way. The net is to be filled with pieces of stones, heavy gravel, wood or other material which creates a dense construction. The construction can be used as a fence, partition wall in a garden or even an interesting and aesthetic element architecturally complementing a garden or a terrace.

First gabions were conctructed in the Renaissance by Leonardo da Vinci who named them ‘Corbelle Leonard’ which means ‘Leonardo’s backets’. The career of this type of invention started in 19th century when they were used during the battles as shield against artilerry fire. Nowadays, gabions are used as an element of the garden design, an outer decorative element or even as an alternative for a retaining wall. Gabions may stand for a terrace base, divide the garden into several areas and they can be used as elements of a landscape architecture.

Gabions may also be used as various pieces of garden equipment. They can be used in making many elements of small architecture such as tables, benches, windbreaks, planters or even stony stairs. Gabions are also a perfect solution for creating terracing sloping plots or building acoustic, strong fences. Baskets full of stones look marvellous especially being apposed with every kind of material, especially timber.

We can get an extra effect filling them with various types of material. In case of yearlong structural gabion these can be decorative stones or pebbles. Small gabions of seasonal decorative function, their filling is up to our fantasy. An interesting correlation of shades and blackfaces can be obtained by using cones, shells, old slates, straw, clean lath etc. A column or a single wall made of gabions filled with raw looking stones (e.g. granite) can give an outstanding and unexpected effect by the transparent pane of glass (a glazed porch or a hothouse). A wall of the gabion wall can be overgrown with the ivy. The plants may creep between the clearance thanks to the appropriate strut.

Essential advantages of introducing gabions to your garden are their strenght and stability and that they are easy to assemble. Another very significant benefit of the contruction is its elasticity and compatibility with the changeable ground and also its high sound absorption. However, primarily, gabions are a modern way of arranging external space. An irreplaceable combination of steel and stone make one of a kind, extremely solid and workmanlike solution.