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No matter how spacious they are, gardens tend to delight with their natural beauty, diversity of their style and indisputable climate. Depending on our appreciations, we are able to present our taste in a particular area. Taking into consideration the level of difficulty of garden decoration, it takes more time to create an interesting arrangement of small gardens than obtaining a vast space.

Even a small garden can make an additional „green” room in a house. It is worth using its small space. Buying houses with little gardens instead of purchasing a flat is getting more and more popular nowadays, because even the smallest garden is an appropriate place to relax and take a deep breath and to commune with nature after a tiring day. You can go out on the lawn or a terrace and rest in your free time. These gardens are usually easy-care, because it isn’t time-consuming to handle them properly.   

There are several ways of arranging the garden in the way it would appear optically more spacious. One can anchor a mirror to the fence which would result in creating a reflection of a part of the garden and for that, there would appear an optical illusion that the garden seems bigger than it really is. If we put a mirror in a particular place in order to make it reflect the light, the garden will appear brighter. Besides, another clever solution to increase the space of the garden is to cover its borders. It can be obtained by implanting different plants around the fence. Vines may totally cover the fence and bushes can make it completely invisible. Another  solution is to introduce a fence where you could install flower pots which could make the fence partly covered and hard to be noticed.      

A small garden can be divided into smaller parts with various functions. It’s worth arranging particular elements of the small garden in a way that they are marked by different surfaces such as: paving, wooden beams, stone slabs etc. Then, garden’s surface would be varied and vast as well. According to that, it is worth arranging a corner where we could put comfortable pieces of garden furniture or introduce a space for children. The rest of the space could be devoted to vegetable planting, yet note that species which propagate easily should be problematic therefore ought to be avoided in the proces of arranging our garden. The next great idea is to use house walls in order to create a construction which can keep the vines properly. As far as a fence is concerned, several flower pots could be hung there. The garden will appear optically bigger if such colours as yellow or green are used there. On the other hand, it’s no use introducing blue or grey tone. Moreover, the colours cannot be too intensive and too dark.