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Sone is said to be a natural element of the landscape. This sort of material perfectly correlates with the garden landscape creating genuine aesthetics, moreover, the stones in the garden may be used in various purposes.

There are many ideas how to arrange stone in the garden; apart from their traditional role (building blocks of pavement, stairs, scarps strengthtenings and drops) is may also got its decorative function.  A single rock can become a cascade threshold, a fountain, a seat, a water feeder for birds. Details made of stone tiles may also look charming, especially those covered with the patina of time, i.e. tops, benches, flat bowls for plants, Sundials. Stone may also be used in creating flowerpots, grand sculptures or it can be used as a finishing layer of terraces. Everything depends on its shape, texture and certainly our imagination.

Currently there are stone boards of different colours and shapes available on the market which gives unlimited possibilities of effective and outstanding terrace arrangement. An undeniably charming look of the stone meets the practical aspects of the stony surface. Tiling the terrace with the stone we obtain extremely solid floor which is easy to maintain thanks to periodically introduced waterproofing which makes enough protection against stubborn dirt.

Most popular material used in terraces is granite, next there are basalt and slate. Stone tiles made of these materials are solid, strong, hardy, non-absorbent and rasistant to unfavorable weather conditions. For terrace finishings one may also use appropriately impregnated rock crumbs e.g. very firm limestones or sandstones.

One of the most prominent advantages of using this type of material is a fact that natural stone has never got a plain colour. It usually has various shades, meets discoloration (e.g. brown or grey ones). As a result, a floor is usually of such a shade which is not even, but diversified and this kind of environment makes us feel relaxed and surrounded by elements of high aesthetics. The genuine charm of stone architecture along with remaining its natural persistance has got a lot of opponents since forever.