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After years of introducing minimalist, modern interiors, it is not surprising that we are moving towards so-called rustic revolution. It means that such materials as: bricks, terracotta and exposed wood are on top nowadays. The wood would create an unforgettable atmosphere and the feeling of authenticity in the interior, balancing the use of white and grey shades in modern interior design. Furniture which is made of natural wood, without any need of using colored varnish brings warmth and creates irreplaceable, unique character of the interior.

There is no need to finish walls or floors in a special way to create a consistent composition of the interior.  Rebecca Thompson, a project manager of Dulux company says that not only neutral colors look better being coupled with raw wood. Dominant, sharp and fluorescent colors create terrific effect in this profile.

With fluro being a key trend of the moment, these shades are the perfect way to enliven raw wooden items in your home. Adding joyous touches of intense, neon-inspired hues will contrast beautifully with bare wooden surfaces, or for a more thrown-together look try layering almost translucent pastels for an effect that is subtle and sophisticated yet still very new.’

Wooden furtniture is said to be one of the most popular types of furniture. This sort of material is durable and beautiful and moreover, it can be finished in any possible way. If you prefer rustic style with elements related to the landscape, it is worth mentioning pieces of furniture which are produced manually by craftmen. Contemporary references to modern architecture will be adopted in the proces of creating wooden furniture of a minimal line, which is ipso facto free of any elements of decoration, yet it is often combined with a small amount of metal. Thus, the elements are not defined as ‘pieces of furniture’, but the examples of applied art.

These are several examples of the pieces of furniture and other elements of the interior which are made of wood.

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