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A chance to spend time surrounded by plants is said to be a great way to rest and relax, yet creating a garden of our dreams isn’t always possible because of the lack of space needed for realizing the idea into reality. However, there IS a solution to that! A vertical garden, also known as a green wall (the originator of this idea was a French traveller and botanist, Patrick Blank). Plants are arranged in the vertical composition, without the assistance of special soil or substrate – they are set on the appropriately matched design in various options of its installation. One of the most popular solutions is to use steel scaffold construction on which there are specialized felt panels fastened along with hosepipes. Such panels can be connected in different ways, creating dreamy, green surfaces. At the bottom of the construction there should be put a container for the water which has not been absorbed and therefore, which could be used once again.

A selection of plants which make a sort of green wall mostly depends on the conditions and time which is needed for growing. Some plants should be chosen according to the interior design (i.e. ferns and exotic potted plants), other ought to be adjusted to the look of the outer wall or they could form a separate construction in our garden.

Most well-known herbaceous plants may be planted on the vertical walls with the appropriate amount of light and the optimum temperature. One of the most popular plant species used in the process of creating vertical gardens are: cranes, funkie, euphorbias, stonecrops and also various kinds of herbs which can be used in cooking afterwards. While arranging a green wall, it is worth matching the species of different coloration and leaf shapes, which could make a surface multidimensional and attractive. We ought to remember about the regular supplementation of nutritients, checking humidity of felt pockets and removing withered leaves as well as inflorescence overblown.

Growing plants in the form of the green wall is said to be very beneficial. Not only does it allow to fill a smaller space, but it also creates the opportunity of adjusting the look of the construction to our specific tastes and the dimensions of the particular surface. According to that, we are able to create a friendly environment with oxygenated, purified air and regulated level of humidity as well as an interesting green piece of furniture (for instance, an interesting, living decoration, an urban herbal garden in the kitchen or our own mini tropic in the bathroom). The most significant argument for the vertical gardens is their positive influence on our comfort and it also concerns walls in office spaces.