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White is incontestably an atemporal color and for that, it never goes out of fashion. We are often worried about using this sort of color. First associations which come to our mind are: a school or a hospital. However, the stereotypes do not usually reflect the reality. White color brightens interiors, makes them more spacious and almost every element matches this universal color.  Interiors designed with white elements are usually characterized by a unique beauty and sophisticated aesthetics.

White color of the walls has got one incontestable benefit – it optically makes the interior more spacious.  Furthermore, it brightens the rooms and gives the impression of clarity. As far as modern interiors are concerned, not only walls are painted white, but the floors and very often the whole equipment. If one considers white color of the walls too cold and if it makes an impression of a lab room, it can be warmed up by another shade creating pastel colors. If we decide to use white shade which is of a bit yellow hue – the interior will become warmer and more cosy. Different shades of white can be mixed together. It gives interesting effects, same as in case of combining two different textures on the wall surface.

How does it work? The effect which is made by using white color on vast surfaces is about simple optics: white is a color, which reflects the light and for that, it enlarges the size of the interior. White means light and spacious – the arrangement seems to be naturally bright and spatial and it makes a great background for other elements.

In white arrangements there could be used white, bright and pastel or natural finishing materials and pieces of furniture. If the space is arranged this way, it usually seems to be bigger and more spacious than it really is. In the colorful room, where the walls are painted white, it is significant to combine all of the motives consistently. The pleasing to the eye combination  between furniture, accessories and the wall may be created by matching paintings and decorations as far as their colors are concerned, because it may create an interesting effect with the use of contrasting shades such as black, silver or grey. Another solution is to introduce an outstanding color, which will dominate the interior despite covering smaller surface – i.e. pink, violet or turquoise. This effect may liven the walls and combine all the elements of the design in one entirety.

White is also a color of clarity and innocence: being used in the interior, it calms down a whole arrangement and introduces order. Harmony, freshness and simplicity – white shade makes it easier to relax when you have been bombarded with garish colors for the whole day.

When it comes to classic, it is certain that white always looks elegant. If we are able to use this color appropriately in the interior, it will bring a timeless style and indicate our great taste.
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