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There is a great choice of interesting types of wood of high aesthetics on the market and it makes this sort of material to be an inherent element of almost every garden. It creates a stunning composition along with stones and greenery and it is also an interesting and natural accent of every composition. The material can be used to create several elements of garden architecture such as pergolas, peripheries, arbours, fences, decorations, pavements, stepping stones and bridges – yet the most popular ones are wooden terraces.  

Using wood to build terraces is highly advantageous. Its aesthetics make the material incredibly adjustable to the elements of house finishings and types of plants in the garden. It has a lot of many utility assets. Falling down on the wooden surface is always cushioned more effectively than in case of ceramic or stone elements because wood somehow softens the effects of the fall on the ground thanks to its resilient structure. Furthermore, wood on the terrace is usually warm to the touch and it does not preheat itself in summer and a wooden floor may be made tiled with greater elements.  

A vital aspect is to choose an appropriate type of wood – for outdoor terraces it ought to be durable and hard exotic timber. Its main asset is its high resistance to weather conditions, mechanical damages and attrition. Moreover, outstanding colours which are its significant attribute depend on the sort of tree it was taken from. Oiled exotic timber keeps its colour saturated, whereas the wood without the oil interference gets a completely different, but often a unique shade. Some of the types of timber are said to be unbeatable: bangkirai, badi, cumaru, ipe (lapacho), tatjuba and massaranduba. Thanks to their great toughness they are detrition resistant. What is more, they do not perish even when not impregnated.

A great alternative for exotic wood is also a very sustainable wood of interesting color which is called therm-wood. The wood is created in  the process of thermal treatment (therm-ash, therm-oak). As far as European types of timber are concerned, it is always better to use cheaper and more accessible spruce, ash and larch boards on terraces. However, their sustainability is way lower thus they need to be impregnated systematically.

A great solution for wood protection is impregnation – charging it with various protective preparations against external factors. The impregnants such as preparation solvents, oil or salt ones protect the wood against dermatophytes, pests and water saturation. There are several shops where you can buy special products for impregnation of a particular type of timber. It is essential especially in the maintanance of rare exotic wood – the impregnant must be adjusted to the specific type of wood.